The Yeoland dictionary

Here on this page, we will be adding some of the Yeoland text and vocabulary so you guys will know what they meme

Yeoland The planet where the family of Yeo resides in. Aurelius Yeo III( Our Lord) is the current leader.
YeogemsThe rarest gem in Yeoland and is used to make the sword of the king and the crown
Yeosword  Our Lord's first weapon and it can be found in the Yeoseum in Yeoland.
Yeoseum It is the museum that is found in Yeoland and contains many rare artefacts
YFC Yeoland Fried Chicken
Yeobucks  Yeoland's Starbucks and Karen's place of employment 
Arduin-yeo The Arduino of Yeoland 
Yeoship A space ship
McYeonald's Mcdonald's of Yeoland 
Yeoger King Burger King
Yeopple  Apple
Yeorange Orange
Yeoar Pear 
Yeosung Phone Company in Yeoland, The Yeoland equivalent to Samsung 
Yeoniversity  University 
Yeowei  Yeoland equivalent of Huawei 
Yeo's  Popular Drink Company 
Yeoggle Yeoland equivalent of Google 
Yeoniverse Universe


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