Ms Tang's HBL Lessons (Computing)

Welcome to the portal where you will find an archive of all of Ms Jovita Tang's holy HBL video lessons on Machine Learning. Please watch attentively and join Computing+ AS in Secondary 3 as it is the superior AS. 

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Video 1: DS01 Data Science and Databases

Introduction to Data Science and Relational Databases. This is the first lesson in a Data Science series for high school students. #datascience #relationaldatabase #excel #datascienceforbeginners


Video 2: ML02 Supervised Learning

Supervised Learning for Beginners. We talk about what supervised learning is, and elaborate on some regression and classification algorithms. This is part of a Machine Learning series for high school students. #machinelearning #supervisedlearning #regression #classification #machinelearningforbeginners #machinelearningbasics



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