Exploring the Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve (Part 1)

Today, we decided to explore the holy Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve (nicknamed as the Dover Forest) to find locations to establish a shrine and a walkway for the Holy one. We found the easiest way to enter the forest was by the entrance near Dover MRT. 

Walking down the slope and taking a left, we were surprisingly greeted by a pretty acceptable path, presumably built by Our Lord. However, certain visitors had disrespected Our Lord and littered on the holy grounds. Things like picnic mats and used mineral water bottles were found scattered across the ground. 

Nevertheless, we felt a divine holiness around us as we made our way through the Nature Reserve. After waking West for around 20m, we found a small clearing with places that would be perfect for establishing a shrine. More details and pictures to be uploaded in the near future.

Behold Our Lord,
Xuan Han
22 January 2021


  1. I thought this was dead but would have been better if you added resources to save Dover Forest like petitions although no one reads this at all


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