The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 6 - Sam's Toad

 There was one morning, when dewdrops gathered on the leaves of the Sir Aurelius Nature Park, and the great big ball of fire rose majestically into the sky. Sam, Our Lord's cobra, had just risen too, while Oscar had been up all night in search of food. Oscar was sick of eating Our Lord's YFC, he wanted something different.

Sam slithered out of his hole in the ground to the nearest tree. All of a sudden, he jumped and caught a little toad which was oblivious to its surroundings. Oscar, who was perched on that tree, saw that too, and also jumped and snatched the toad from Sam. Munching on the juicy toad, Oscar started shape-shifting into an identical toad too!

Sam was initially disappointed that his breakfast had been stolen, but seeing another T-posing toad, he swallowed Oscar whole. Soon, cries of rejoice and laughter could be heard from Team 11. "Get rekt Oscar!" shouted Jim. He then requested for Sam to spit out the carcass of Oscar, and invited everyone to T-pose on it.

A few minutes later, Our Lord realised that his usual alarm ("ca-caw ca-caw ca-caw") did not sound. "Where is Oscar?" he wondered. He glanced out of his holy window and saw the carcass of Oscar. Immediately, Our Lord rushed to Oscar in his pyjamas and started reviving him. Soon, Oscar started T-posing again and Team 11 walked away sadly.

Real picture of Sam eating Oscar

Behold Our Lord,

Xuan Han,

13 August 2020


  1. I can't believe that this was inspired by Mrs Soh

    1. bruh i was scrolling thru here innocently then the snake popped up and scared me :<

    2. @Anjali impressive


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