The Life Story of Our Lord Season 3 Part 3 - Stonehenge

It was 3 AM in the wee hours of the morning. Though the blast decimated the Earth, Our Lord's house was relatively intact, as it was protected by his holy powers. Our Lord could not fall asleep, no matter how hard he tried. The downfall of Team 11 was etched in his mind forever. "It was all my fault... I should have stayed on land and protected them." he said solemnly. Sliding on his sandals, Our Lord strolled to the garage, where he had parked a spare Yeoship. He twisted the ignition keys and soon, the Yeoship started up.

Our Lord set the course for Europe, as he wanted to see the damage done to other continents too. Smoke filled the skies, changing it to a dark grey. Fortunately, the Yeoship's advanced Autopilot system was not hindered by it. In five minutes, Our Lord touched down in an island off Europe. The conditions there were just as dire as they were in Sir Aurelius Nature Park, causing Our Lord to be more disappointed.

Seeing a large empty patch of land, Our Lord summoned a few boulders and arranged them in a holy formation. Kneeling down, he said with much grief, "Team 11, thanks for being such wonderful pets. You will forever be remembered. RIP Jim, Aaron, Becky, Charles, Dicky, Jake, Logan and Oscar." These boulders are now in present day Stonehenge and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Behold Our Lord,
Xuan Han
27 August 2020


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  2. RIP Team 11 :( :(

  3. Mr Yeo's computer image is also Stonehenge ppl

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