The Life Story of Our Lord Season 3 Part 2 - Jefferey's Invasion

With the powers of Our Lord, Earth's biodiversity was becoming richer and richer by the day. After spending so much time on Earth, Our Lord had forgotten about his brother, Jeffrey, whom he had revived after the tournament. Jeffrey, however, did not forget about Our Lord. He had to take revenge on the man who he lost to in the grand tournament. Therefore, Jeffery teamed up with the Manager of the Death Star and rode a Yeoship to Uranus, one of Our Lord's planets. 

When they arrived, they spotted a variety of Our Lord's customised Arduin-yeos which he used to make Earth. Tinkering with them, Jeffrey managed to retrofit the Yeoship with cannons which could fire atomic bombs. Once Jeffrey prepared his army and spaceship, he hopped in it and set the course for Earth. He picked up the yeommunicator and dialled for Our Lord, saying, "The future of you and your planet is doomed, prepare to die!" In around 5 minutes, Jeffrey arrived at the atmosphere of Earth, and Our Lord immediately detected the Yeoship with his divine senses. 

The holy one called for Team 11, which was sleeping at that time. Our Lord exclaimed, out of breath after running across the Sir Aurelius Nature Park, "Jeffrey is invading, Earth is threatened! Protect it!" Immediately, Team 11 rushed to action. Oscar flew into the soldier quarters of the Yeoship and got into his T-pose stance with no delay. "Ca-caw, ca-caw, ca-caw!" he chirped at the top of his voice. The soldiers soon lost their self-esteem and jumped off the ship. Seeing Oscar single-handedly eliminating all his soldiers. Jeffrey threw a spear at Oscar, killing him and made him into his next YFC meal. Oscar's toxic blood flowed through the Yeoship and evaporated into a toxic gas, which suffocated Jeffrey. 

At the same time, Jim and the dinosaurs threw as many trees as they could at the Yeoship, trying to take it down. Our Lord hovered at the edge of the Stratosphere, trying to use his holy powers to take control of the Yeoship but to no avail. Jeffery and the Manager had modified the Yeoship's system to deny access from Our Lord's holy powers. Since the Yeoship was out of control, it spiralled towards Earth, turning into a fireball and smashing into Sir Aurelius Nature Park. It all happened in a split second. Jim and the dinosaurs looked at the sky and cried in agony. Sam slithered as fast as he can into his hole. Our Lord looked at the Yeoship desperately from the Stratosphere. Then, a loud crash could be heard, followed by a glowing explosion of stones and trees. Life as it is disappeared in the next split second.

Our Lord landed back on what used to be Sir Aurelius Nature Park. The land was barren, with smoke rising from it. Team 11 had been incinerated into ashes, just like the trees. Our Lord sat on one of the fallen trees, and tears started forming in his eyes. He could not believe that his beloved brother had destroyed millions of years of life. We will find out more about the aftermath of Earth in Part 3! Stay tuned!

Artist's depiction of the aftermath of the Invasion

Behold Our Lord,

Xuan Han

20 August 2020


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