The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 4 - Le Comrades

Before we get into our lord's comrades, I have some information about these Special Editions.
1.  Any information that will be major spoilers to the following part will be added after the part has been released.
2. Make sure to check the last parts of the special editions as there might be things added.


The right-hand man of our Lord, he is very commonly seen together with our Lord and he has fought alongside with our lord and is a main character in our lord's life story.

Jim The Dinosaur
Given to our lord by Hou Yi, this dinosaur had been handpicked by two great mythical beings. Although Jim is not very relevant in the first season,  he plays a very big role in the third season.

Council of Aurelius 
The council of Aurelius was founded when Aurelius' from different universes made a machine that allows them to visit other universes. The council of Aurelius will meet every winter solstice and should any member of the council need help, the entire council will travel to their universe to help them.

Darney The Dinosaur
Originally a Life-Threatening Student-eating dino, after her many many years teaching Chinese in SST in her human form, she has developed less of appetite for eating students and is now vegan. Even though the pandora's box has been opened and she got her powers back, she still likes her post as a Chinese teacher and decided to stay. It is important to note that our Lord used his Arduino to make something like a dog collar that will zap her if she decides to have a student for a snack. Needless to say that she is an invaluable comrade of our lord.  

*Jim and Darney are not the same dino
This is a shorter edition as there will be many more updates in the future.

Behold Our Lord,
6 July 2020


  1. Did the dino get possessed by the pandora box

    1. Which Dino?

    2. Jim, since he became a teacher at SST, but then he causes trouble in Chapter 7 when the pandora box is opened, thanks to Cheng Rui

    3. Jim is a different dino from the one that is a teacher

    4. You should specify that

  2. Council of Aurelius WHEEEEEEEEEEZE

  3. this post got me being like
    i serve the soviet union


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