The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 5 - The Trip to Russia

Slowly but surely, Aaron, Becky, Charles, Dicky, Oscar, Jim, Jake and Logan grew exponentially stronger. In no time, their powers were comparable to those of Karen, Jeffery and the Manager. They slowly gained our Lord's trust and became worthy to be the guardians of Earth.

Two years later, Aurelius had to return to Yeoland to celebrate the opening of Karen's new Yeobucks franchise. Yes, Karen was going to become a manager! "I will not be gone for long, but please behave well when I am away. Oscar still better have a head when I return!" With that, Our Lord flew swiftly to Yeoland in his Yeoship.

Immediately after Aurelius exited the atmosphere, the pets jumped in joy. They were free! They started discussing what to do while Aurelius was away. They finally decided on a trip to Russia, the land of plenty.

Like lightning, they built a plane out of whatever they had on hand and powered it up. Unsurprisingly, it worked wonders. Quickly, they clambered onto the roaring aircraft. Just as about little Oscar was about to board the plane, Jake and Logan pushed him away. "We don't want toxic idiots like you to ruin our trip. Stay here and hold the fort while we are away!" Jake, Logan and the rest of the pets zoomed away, leaving Oscar behind in a cloud of dust.

Strangely, Oscar was seen chewing on something. Upon closer inspection, it happened to be a piece of the plane that Aaron and the pets boarded. Since he could become whatever he ate, he soon transformed into an aircraft identical to the one that Jake, Logan and the four other pets were boarding. He then set the course for Russia and took off in another cloud of dust. 

A few hours later, Jim, Jake, Logan, Aaron, Becky, Charles and Dicky landed in Moscow, without the knowledge that Oscar was hot on their heels. They instantly went crazy, doing everything that Russia allowed them to do. They were driven by cars, fired by guns, eaten by food and drunk by vodka, among other things. They got so drunk on vodka that they did not even notice Oscar, in plane form, landing right next to their plane. 

Happy that he was finally with his friends, Oscar also went crazy and started eating what he could. He became a tree, then a rock, an exploded nuclear reactor, then a bottle of vodka, a pile of snow, and finally, a bear. 

Still drunk, Jim saw Oscar, in bear form. He thought: "What a cute little bear! I should bring it home!" Without a second thought, Jim carried the bear up and strapped it into the plane and flew it back home. Jim also named the bear Susan.

A few days after the Russia trip, Susan had not grown hungry and not eaten anything. One day, he noticed Aaron and Jake playing a game of Yeo-nite, an enhanced version of the game Fortnite, created by Aurelius himself. Susan completely dominated Aaron and Jake in the game and started T-posing obnoxiously over them. "Hahahahah! Get rekt, you useless cans of garbage! Don't f**king try to challenge me again! Ahahahahahahaaaaaa!"

Sensing that something was amiss, Jake threw a piece of YFC at him. Greedily, "Susan" gobbled it up as he suddenly felt hungry. To Jake and Aaron's surprise, Oscar transformed back into a chicken. 

Jake and Aaron gasped loudly, as they finally realised that the bear that they brought back from Russia was actually Oscar the Chicken.

Just as they realised that Oscar had followed them to Russia, a big ball of fire appeared in the atmosphere. Aurelius had returned from Yeoland! The pets were in big trouble... How would Aurelius deal with them? We shall find out soon.

Behold our Lord, 
Cheng Rui
30 June 2020


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