The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 2 - Our Lord's Weapons

This is another special edition of the Life Story of Our Lord and today's edition is about his wide arsenal of weapons.


As expected of the God of ICT, his main choice of weapon is going to be his custom Arduino. All parts of this legendary set are personally blessed by his divine skills and should you get this divine set of parts,  you would be able to make anything. From a box that can seal away a mighty dino's power to controlling a whole mountain, this set does not have any limits to what it can make.

The Sword Of The Mighty Dino
Made from the tooth of the fearsome dinosaur that he sealed away, the sword is not our lord's preferred weapon of choice as he does not like to engage in combat, but should the need arise, he will step in. The sword is powered up by his mighty SSTunio and would allow the sword to change in size in battle.

His Bow
Although this weapon is very rarely seen, this weapon is very useful should the holy one need to engage enemies from a distance. His cord of the bow is made from his wires in the SSTuino set and the bow is powered up with his Arduino, allowing the bow to be auto-reloaded. 

This is a shorter edition than the one before but the next edition of this would be about his creations 

Behold Our Lord, 
1 July 2020


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