The Life Story Of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 3 - Our Lord's Creations

Welcome back to another special edition of The Life Story of Our Lord. This edition will be about our lord's divine creations. Although our lord has many noble creations, we will be only featuring the most notable ones.


Pandora's Box
The box that sealed away the great dino, this box was made with his mad coding skills as opposed to his usual Arduino that he uses to make his creations.

The wonderful school that we are studying in is one of our lord's most proud creations. It is said that the foundation of the school and the entire school itself was built by our lord's personal sstuino set and many teachers are hand-chosen by the holy one.

Mount Everest
While this may sound far-fetch for those who haven't read the stories about our lord, this is indeed true as this our lord has used this mountain to combat a very large challenge in another story and this story will probably be told in another part. Our lord has coded the mountains to answer to his call should he call for the mountains and our lord will be able to control it like a robot. Should the situation be very serious, the mountain will take on a large humanoid form and its agility and power will increase tenfold. This is a very dangerous weapon and should not be released for fun.

His Personal Space Station
This space station has many combat abilities. From launching meteors on his enemies at our lord's will to creating 10 robots in a second for our lord to use in battle, this is one of his most fearsome creations. Even though it has many combat abilities, it is also in charge of make SSTuino sets for the students at SST to use for their ICT classes.

That is all for this special edition. The next one is probably his comrades in battle.

Behold Our Lord,
2 July 2020

Our Lord's Pandora Box


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