The Life Story of Our Lord Season 3 Part 1- Team 11

Our Lord needed to attend to some matters in Yeoland. It turned out that The Father of Aurelius had decided to retire and left Our Lord to also rule over Yeoland. Hence, he left Earth, letting it grow and evolve on its own. Millions of years passed and when he arrived back in Earth, he brought an item from Yeoland called a grow-accel-yeo-rator and used it on Earth. Within a week, there were large trees and ponds, lakes and oceans on Earth. However, unlike in Yeoland, there were no humans but instead dinosaurs that had massive combat potential. 

Our Lord decided to catch a couple of these and train them so that they can defend Earth should the need arise. His Lordship first found a pack of velociraptors and named the 4 of them Aaron, Becky, Charles and Dicky. He later stumbled upon a dinosaur corpse with a chicken t-posing on top of it. "Ca-caw, ca-caw, ca-caw!" exclaimed the chicken, which loosely translates to "Get lost you useless sack of trash!" Our Lord then caught the chicken and named it Oscar. Following that, he looked up and saw two Pterodactyls with cameras filming the dead dinosaur. He also caught them and named them Jake and Logan. Finally, Our Lord found another dinosaur called Jim. Jim would become his sidekick in later parts.

Together, they were Team 11.

Seeing Oscar scream in hunger, Our Lord took out a pack of Fillet-Yeo-Fish from Yeodonalds' that happened to be in his bag and fed it to him. Munching and crunching went Oscar, but soon something surprising happened - Oscar started transforming into a fish. Shocked, Our Lord decided to feed Oscar a Dinger Burger from YFC instead. All of a sudden, Oscar turned from a fish back to a chicken! A new magical power of Oscar was discovered (excluding his toxic t-posing characteristics) - he became whatever he ate!

We will discuss about the adventures of Oscar in the following parts, so stay tuned!

Photograph of Team 11. Jim was in the toilet

Behold Our Lord, 
Liam and Xuan Han,
28 July 2020


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