The Life Story of Our Lord Season 3 - Trailer

Our Lord won the competition. He had successfully acquired the grand plot of space from the Father of Aurelius. Seeing desolate and empty space from Yeoland, Our Lord decided that he had to create life in this lifeless space. Hence, he set off with his magical Arduin-yeo, making planets like Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune and many others. However, these planets ultimately couldn't sustain life as we know it, due to factors like the temperature or it being a big ball of gas. 

Finally, after relentless tries, Our Lord engineered Earth with a potential to host life. As he sat on the edge of a cliff, he felt an awkward sensation - nature was calling for him. Hence, Our Lord released his holy pee into a crease in a rock. Little did he know that he also dropped one of his creations - cyanobacteria called Timmy. Soon, a mystical effect happened. Our Lord's arduino-yeo beeped, detecting the oxygen concentration increasing. Then, he cried in delight as he came to the realisation that he had created life on Earth, and watched the first cyanobacteria form with a mic-yeo-scope on Earth. 

As the oxygen concentration reached a healthy 20%, Our Lord looked at his space-helmet. He whacked it off his head as he panted with relief. "Mission success!", he exclaimed to himself, the sound reverberating in the empty earth. Our Lord would later catch the cyanobacteria Timmy in a jar and Timmy now lay on the desk of Our Lord 

In Season 3, we will discuss about Our Lord's journey in making Earth what it is today.

Artist's depiction of Our Lord resting on early Earth

Behold Our Lord
Xuan Han
27 July 2020


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