The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 2 - The Influence

One day, while Our Lord was sleeping and Karen was jogging along the Aurelius Crossing, when she noticed a banner saying, "Come join us! We need help to achieve our mission of ultimate conquest of the world! We are hiring people with amazing coding and Arduin-yeo (arduino) skills, salary is ¥10000000000 per month!" Immediately, Karen teleported to Jeffery to inform him of the amazing deal. Jeffery nodded in agreement and said, "Let's go there tomorrow, we don't want to be late."

In the wee hours of the next day, Karen and Jeffery packed their suitcases and took a spaceflight to the Death Star. However, due to the sharp senses of Our Lord, he heard the yeo-ship (spaceship) taking off and looked out of his bedroom window. Seeing Karen and Jeffery in the spaceship, he was infuriated. How could they leave him here? Weren't they The Trio? In a fit of anger, Our Lord sent an email to Karen and Jeffery:

Dear Karen and Jeffery,

I wonder what you are doing onboard the yeo-ship to the Death Star, and I hope it is not for malicious reasons, as the protection of Yeoland is our responsibility. Since you have left Yeoland, I assume you have also resigned from The Trio, hence The Trio shall be dissolved. 

I await your reply.


We will cover more of what Karen and Jeffery said in Part 3, thanks for your continued support!

Behold Our Lord
Xuan Han,
12 July 2020


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