The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 5 - The battle between Karen and the Manager

The manager rushed into the room, pale as a sheet. Seeing all of his staff dead, he boiled with fury. "See, you son of a b**ch manager, this is what happens when you disrespect a noble citizen of Yeoland. I Will always come back for you. It is about time that you paid the price as well!"  

Karen's brat turned into a pink sword once more, and she thrust it in the direction of the manager. Seeing that Karen was challenging her, the manager drew his weapon, a glowing grenade. Without warning, Karen lunged at the manager and slashed his suit, making a big rip in the costly silk jacket. Seeing that his expensive suit was torn, the manager was filled with endless rage. He leapt at Karen and threw his cylinder at her. Unable to react in time, Karen failed to deflect the cylinder and the cylinder hit her third eye and blew up. 

Sensing that something was wrong up in the Death Star, Aurelius flew up in his spare Yeo-ship. To his horror, he saw Karen lying there, completely mutilated. In a fit of anger, Aurelius used his Yeo-sword and impaled the manager multiple times. Using the Arduin-yeo, Aurelius put his sister back together and used his godly powers to reverse Karen's transformation and transformed her back into her original form. 

Karen, realising what she had done while she was transformed, looked in shock. She cried to Aurelius, "What have I done? I cannot believe that I have done this! How can I redeem myself?" Thinking hard, Aurelius decided that Karen could redeem herself by defending Yeoland while The Holy One was away, looking for chances to prove his power to the universe. Desperately, Karen pleaded Aurelius to let her return to Yeoland in his yeo-ship, where she could carry out her duties.

However, in addition to carrying out her duties, Karen also had another mission, which will be discussed in Part 6.

Death Star after the battle

Behold Our Lord
Cheng Rui and Xuan Han,
14 July 2020


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