The Life Story Of Our Lord Season 2 Part 7- Karen vs The Manager Part 2

The manager landed in front of Karen, slashing Karen with his sword that his canister transformed into. Luckily, Karen blocked his attack and counter-attacked by shotting her vaccine at him."Fool, Vaccines have no effect on me!" Karen and The Manager exchanged blows for a while before Karen saw an opening in the manager and almost cut his head off. 

Seeing that his life was in serious trouble, his cylinder returned back to normal and The Manager opened it, "Good Job Karen, but its time for you to die, unleash the CEO!" Out of the cylinder came out a person in a nice white suit, who the Manager called was the CEO. " Summon the Interns," immediately, many teenagers appeared and attacked Karen. She was immediately overwhelmed by the number of attacks and her essential oil barrier broke. The CEO then called out, " Rain of HR complaints," Immediately,  many sharp emails fell from the sky and cut Karen. To finish Karen off, he said one more command," Fired" Immediately, a large letter appeared and stabbed Karen through the heart. 

The Manager by now had escaped as he thought that the CEO would finish Karen. When it looked like Karen was going to die, Karen's sword returned back to its original form and fused with Karen and Karen suddenly had a fourth eye open. She had evolved once again and she was emitting a strange aura. She used her essential oils to heal herself up and she was now ready to combat the CEO and his interns. She summoned many pink swords and they were launched at the interns, killing all them. They recombined to form a large glowing pink sword and stabbed the CEO, killing him. Aurelius turned on the Yeo-mmunicator and informed Karen that he needed help with Jeffrey as he was still brainwashed and he did not know how to cure him. Karen flew over and used her essential oils to help Jeffrey cure the brainwashing. 

The next great deed Aurelius does will be discussed in Part 8, see you then!

Behold Our Lord
17 July 2020


  1. HR complaints and interns
    interesting indeed

  2. lol it sounds like karen is more awesome than our lord BRING OUR LORDS AMAZINGNESS BACCCCCCCC

    1. It's becoming "The Life Story of Karen Yeo"

    2. Our Lord wasn't as op as his siblings when he was younger but he becomes significantly more powerful later on


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