The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 6 - Karen vs The Manager Part 1

Years after the awakening of Karen, she was done with her job at Yeobucks and stormed out. It had been a couple years since she was able to sense the manager on her manager-radar. However, a week before she quit Yeobucks, she had been getting nightmares of the manager and Jeffrey coming back to Yeoland and killing Our Lord and her and the manager stealing her kids along with her essential oils. 

While preparing an iced, Ristretto, 10 shot, venti, with breve, 5 pump vanilla, 7 pump vanilla, 4 Splenda shaken, her manager-radar went off and Karen thought that the manager was back. She splashed the customer's Yeobucks drink at them and before they could ask for her manager, she flew out of the Starbucks and the yeoffee-maker transformed back into her brat.

Seeing that Karen flew out of the yeobucks. our lord sensed that something was wrong and followed Karen. The yeoship then reappeared in the sky of Yeoland and shot down vaccines. 
Karen immediately transformed into her awakened form that she now had control of and easily dodged the vaccines. She then used her essential oils to create a barrier of sorts and transformed her brat into a bow and shot the vaccines back at the yeoship.

"Wow, very impressive Karen!" The manager exclaimed as he appeared with Jeffrey by his side. Jeffrey then charged at our lord, trying to attack him. It turns out that Jeffrey had been brainwashed by the manager to attack Yeoland. "Oh no!" exclaimed Our Lord. Never had he ever thought that his beloved brother would turn against him. Our Lord unleashed his power of Divine Retribution and sent it to Jeffrey and the manager, because their actions had made the holy one truly angry. This power blasted the Death Star out of orbit, together with the manager and Jeffery. 

The Death Star has disappeared, but the manager and Jeffery still remains. However, all is peaceful at that time, hence Our Lord would go on to do a great deed in Part 7.

Behold Our Lord
Xuan Han and Liam,
16 July 2020


  1. What does out of orbit mean

    1. It means that the ship is out of Yeoland's atmosphere and no longer influenced by its gravity

  2. Changed the text as it looked weird owo


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