The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 4: The Revenge

Seeing Karen fall from the yeo-ship (spaceship), Aurelius panicked. He whipped out his Arduin-yeo (Arduino) and created a device to save Karen from the fall. However, he was a little too late and only finished building his awesome fall-stopping creation after Karen reached the ground. 

Seeing his beloved sister dead, (for now) Aurelius exploded with anxiety. He fumbled with his Arduin-yeo and finally created a device capable of giving Karen's heart an electric shock. With shivering hands, he put the device to work. To his surprise, the device worked perfectly, and Karen woke up with a sharp breath.

To everyone's sudden dismay, Karen started changing rapidly. Her hair became blonde and became really short and morphed into a bowl cut. She had a pink purse that was full of essential oils and her book of codes turned into an annoying little brat. Another eye started growing on her forehead. Karen had awakened into her final form. At once, she started screaming: "Where is your manager? You disrespected me!" "How though?" Aurelius replied, slightly irritated. "I don't care! I want to see your f**king manager now!" yelled Karen. Our Lord knew that her awakening had completed. Seemingly having an attraction to the manager, she flew with her annoying brat to the yeo-ship to find the manager. 

When she arrived, what she saw was a minimum-wage receptionist that just got the job a day ago. "WHERE IS YOUR MANAGER" She yelled in fury. The receptionist had not met the manager and did not know where he was, hence she said, "Sir, I don't know where he is". Hearing that she was called a man, Karen's brat transformed into a pink glowing sword and stabbed the receptionist. Karen then proceeded to find the manager, killing all the employees of the yeo-ship.

The battle between the manager and Karen is in the next part (Part 5).

Karen in Yeoland

Behold Our Lord,

Cheng Rui and Liam,

14 July 2020


  1. The karen dialouge is funny but I think we could get in trobule if a cher finds vulgar words in it


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