The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 3 - The Epic Fail

As Karen, holding the poster, ascended up the steps of the Death Star, the manager opened the door slowly. Then, he said with a giggle, "You fool! This poster was a joke made by one of my colleagues, I didn't know you could be fooled by that! No one wants a person from Yeoland to work at the Death Star!" Karen, her face red with anger and disbelief, screamed, "You son of a b***h manager! How dare you disrespect the majestic Yeoland!" The manager slammed the door shut behind him and sounds of laughter could be heard from inside. However, Karen sat before the yeo-ship (spaceship) and wept silently. She boarded the yeo-ship and waited patiently for her flight back to Yeoland. Fortunately, Karen had prepared some fried chicken from YFC (KFC) to enjoy while waiting.

As she savoured her fried chicken, she lifted the Yeo-mmunicator (communicator) and dialled for her beloved brother, Aurelius. Aurelius jumped in surprise when he heard the beeping sounds of an incoming call and rushed to retrieve his Yeo-mmunicator. Hearing Karen's story, he replied, "What the f*ck hahhahahahahhahha!" Meanwhile, the door opened once Karen left, and the manager invited Jeffery in, telling him he was accepted for his job. "I closed the door earlier because Karens are not allowed in the Death Star. Apologies for that." claimed the manager. Hearing that. Karen took out her book of codes and chose a code that would kill the manager. Seeing that his life was in danger, he wore a mask and turned on his 5G tower."F*cking Manager! You gave me coronavirus! I want to see your CEO!" The manager then followed up by taking his syringe gun and shot vaccines at Karen. In order to avoid the vaccines, Karen jumped around and accidentally fell off the Yeoship. 

We will learn more about the relationship between Karen and Aurelius in Part 4.

Artist's depiction of a syringe gun

Behold Our Lord
Xuan Han,
13 July 2020


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