The Life Story Of Our Lord Season 2 Trailer- Our Lord's Backstory

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the second season of The Life Story Of Our Lord. If you saw our post earlier today, you would have seen that the contents were a lot more different then this one. This is because we decided that we would move that to Season 3. Anyway, season 2 will be about our lord's earlier years long before the creation of Earth. Anyway, here is a short part of the second season.

A couple billion years before the creation of the Earth, a young little boy was born, his name was Aurelius Yeo. He was born on the homeland of All yeos, Yeoland. At that time, there were no humans and everyone had godly powers, some having lesser than others. He also had a brother and a sister, Jeffrey and Karen. Our Lord was the youngest one but still demonstrated the most intellect. However, his brother Jeffrey was the one with the most skill with his Arduino at that time and his sister Karen had the most coding skill.

That is it for this edition of The Life Story of Our Lord, thank you for the support!

Behold Our Lord,
8 July 2020


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