The Life Story of Our Lord Part 9 - The Finale

Having failed to obtain its lunch, the dino sighed in despair. It took a walk around the Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve, looking at all the avaliable vegetarian food like trees and bushes, with no motive to eat anymore. Turning around to face Our Lord, the dino said, "Our Lord, I admit defeat, I want to be a teacher in SST again, and I won't eat anyone else." Our Lord, as his usual magnanimous self, forgave the dino. The dino, being its joyous self again, hopped back into the holy classrooms of SST, ready to teach Chinese again.

Our Lord chased after the dino. He had one more thing to say. "Dino!" he exclaimed, panting heavily, "I will name you Darney the Dinosaur!" And from then on, the dino was known as Ms Darney. However, Ms Darney (or Darney老师)still retains some dinosaur characteristics. Sometimes, she might say "不然我会吃掉你的! (If not I will eat you!)" or "再这样做,我会吃掉你的手指! (If you continue being like this, I will eat your finger!)"

This concludes Season 1 of Our Lord's Life Story. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading tales of Our Lord, and Season 2 will come very soon!

Behold Our Lord
Xuan Han,
7 July 2020


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