The Life Story of Our Lord Part 6 - The Revival of Axios

Our Lord turned around. Axios lay on the ground, motionless. Blood squirted from him, so much, in fact, the plants surrounding him turned crimson red. Holding Axios' hand, Our Lord cried in despair, "Axios! Axios! Nooooooo!" But just at that moment, His Lordship realised that he could revive Axios, his right-hand man.

Our Lord whipped out his SSTunio, connected the jumper wires and a battery, and started tinkering with it. Within seconds, he had made a new creation. He spun around and placed the creation on Axios' heart, and slowly but surely, Axios' eyes opened and he started breathing again.

Axios sat up in a daze. "Where am I?" he asked. Seeing the success in his revival, Our Lord replied gleefully, "You have been resting in Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve and have finally awoken. Now, you will be able to fight alongside me once again!" United once again, Our Lord and Axios took a stroll to the Statue Of Aurelius, and Axios knelt on the floor to bow down. They were now officially ready to protect SST again.

Behold Our Lord
Xuan Han,
2 July 2020


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