The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION - Our Lord's Powers

This is a special edition in the Life Story of Our Lord Series, but here are our lord's powers that are revealed to us through legends.


Divine Map Pointing Skills
Our Lord was once a geography teacher, and his geography skills is top notch, and an example of that is his Divine Map Pointing Skills.

Legendary Coding Skills
As expected of our lord being the god of ICT, he has legendary coding skills and his ability with the SSTuino is second to none. He can programme anything in an extraordinary amount of time.

Divine Punishment
This skill is one of his most exclusive skills that is saved for people or things that have either angered him or put his students in danger. This is one of the reasons why you should never mess with our lord should he be in a bad mood.

Divine Blessings 
In contrary to his divine punishment, this skill is used to reward those who have either called out to him in their time of need or those who have been well-behaved eg. those spamming views. I too also wish to get our lord's divine blessings 

Divine Retribution
If you have made the holy one truly angry, he will more than likely use this skill on you. This skill has been used to my knowledge only once and that story will most likely be told on in another part of the Life Story of Our Lord.

Wise Advisor
As we all know, Our Lord is an advisor at Apple Inc. Assuming he advised on all the good deeds eg. Decreasing iPhone 11 price compared to the iPhone XR, and launching the affordable iPhone SE 2020, and not the dumb ones like removing the headphone jack and adding the abomination at the back and front of iPhones, Our Lord is a pretty damn good advisor.

These following ones are from the fandom which you can find under sites on the homepage

Divine Intervention 
After being cast, the earth shall shake and Mr Pang will be summoned to dispense great justice in the name of The Lord. This spell has an added ability of debuffing moral. This mighty spell is offset by the lengthy cooldown after use.

Education Relevancy 
With this ability. he will summon Ms Jovita Tang to go through exam papers without putting the class at sleep, at the cost of a Starbucks

The next special edition will be about his weapons

Behold Our Lord,
Liam and Xuan Han
30 June 2020


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