In this post, we announce the start of construction of a revolutionary new Holy Prayer Room for Our Lord. Soon, you will find pictures of the Our Lord and Inc. ExCo in various places (including the legendary San Francisco), and posters containing/related to Our Lord, in the prayer room. This will be the epic archive we have all been waiting for all these years. To complete the setup, we will install warm yellow lights and a bamboo prayer mat to enhance the holy effects, as research shows that it improves the efficacy of prayers by up to 69%. The new prayer room is estimated to allow for 4200 Yeoists to pray each day and will be completed by November 2022.   Behold Our Lord, Xuan Han 14 Jul 2022  

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 4 Part 1 - The Discovery

Our Lord followed the trail of the unknown substance, exiting the boundaries of our solar system, the Milky Way and even passing Yeoland, where he stopped by for a quick snack of YFC. Savouring his YeoBurger, he ventured deeper, and the streak of dust slowly started to increase in concentration. Before long, the Holy One was following a distinct trail of shining blue dust that led to what seemed to be a darker spot in the distance amidst the already dark void. Analysing his Yeoship controls, Our Lord saw that the spacecraft was accelerating dangerously. He reduced the power of his thrusters, but the spacecraft failed to slow down. Looking out, he realised that the dark spot was actually a massive black hole, and the overwhelming attraction was pulling the Yeoship into its inevitable doom. Before long, Our Lord and his Yeoship were enveloped in the suffocating darkness of the black hole. The spacecraft was out of control now, completely at the mercy of the black hole’s gravitational pul

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 4 - Trailer

Our Lord remained on Earth for the next few thousand years, building and repairing the natural wonders of our planet while reviving many species that went extinct after Jeffery's invasion. One day, he visited the remnants of Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve, as a way to remember Team 11. Life had long returned, but he would never forget how it was before the invasion, where getting t-posed on by a shapeshifting chicken was the norm. Sighing, Our Lord decided to use his powers to summon a pack of YFC from Yeoland, but to his dismay, this normally trivial action failed to happen. "What?" He tried to now lift a boulder a few metres away from him. The boulder started to budge, and with concentration, he lifted it up from the ground. This was strange. It was as if something was... restricting his powers. Just like that moment where he attempted to destroy Jeffery's Yeoship, where his powers were completely ineffective. With intense concentration, the Holy One tracked down the r

Exploring the Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve (Part 1)

Today, we decided to explore the holy Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve (nicknamed as the Dover Forest) to find locations to establish a shrine and a walkway for the Holy one. We found the easiest way to enter the forest was by the entrance near Dover MRT.  Walking down the slope and taking a left, we were surprisingly greeted by a pretty acceptable path, presumably built by Our Lord. However, certain visitors had disrespected Our Lord and littered on the holy grounds. Things like picnic mats and used mineral water bottles were found scattered across the ground.  Nevertheless, we felt a divine holiness around us as we made our way through the Nature Reserve. After waking West for around 20m, we found a small clearing with places that would be perfect for establishing a shrine. More details and pictures to be uploaded in the near future. Behold Our Lord, Xuan Han 22 January 2021

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 3 Part 3 - Stonehenge

It was 3 AM in the wee hours of the morning. Though the blast decimated the Earth, Our Lord's house was relatively intact, as it was protected by his holy powers. Our Lord could not fall asleep, no matter how hard he tried. The downfall of Team 11 was etched in his mind forever. "It was all my fault... I should have stayed on land and protected them." he said solemnly. Sliding on his sandals, Our Lord strolled to the garage, where he had parked a spare Yeoship. He twisted the ignition keys and soon, the Yeoship started up. Our Lord set the course for Europe, as he wanted to see the damage done to other continents too. Smoke filled the skies, changing it to a dark grey. Fortunately, the Yeoship's advanced Autopilot system was not hindered by it. In five minutes, Our Lord touched down in an island off Europe. The conditions there were just as dire as they were in Sir Aurelius Nature Park, causing Our Lord to be more disappointed. Seeing a large empty patch of land, Our

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 3 Part 2 - Jefferey's Invasion

With the powers of Our Lord, Earth's biodiversity was becoming richer and richer by the day. After spending so much time on Earth, Our Lord had forgotten about his brother, Jeffrey, whom he had revived after the tournament. Jeffrey, however, did not forget about Our Lord. He had to take revenge on the man who he lost to in the grand tournament. Therefore, Jeffery teamed up with the Manager of the Death Star and rode a Yeoship to Uranus, one of Our Lord's planets.  When they arrived, they spotted a variety of Our Lord's customised Arduin-yeos which he used to make Earth. Tinkering with them, Jeffrey managed to retrofit the Yeoship with cannons which could fire atomic bombs. Once Jeffrey prepared his army and spaceship, he hopped in it and set the course for Earth. He picked up the yeommunicator and dialled for Our Lord, saying, "The future of you and your planet is doomed, prepare to die!" In around 5 minutes, Jeffrey arrived at the atmosphere of Earth, and Our Lor

The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 6 - Sam's Toad

 There was one morning, when dewdrops gathered on the leaves of the Sir Aurelius Nature Park, and the great big ball of fire rose majestically into the sky. Sam, Our Lord's cobra, had just risen too, while Oscar had been up all night in search of food. Oscar was sick of eating Our Lord's YFC, he wanted something different. Sam slithered out of his hole in the ground to the nearest tree. All of a sudden, he jumped and caught a little toad which was oblivious to its surroundings. Oscar, who was perched on that tree, saw that too, and also jumped and snatched the toad from Sam. Munching on the juicy toad, Oscar started shape-shifting into an identical toad too! Sam was initially disappointed that his breakfast had been stolen, but seeing another T-posing toad, he swallowed Oscar whole. Soon, cries of rejoice and laughter could be heard from Team 11. "Get rekt Oscar!" shouted Jim. He then requested for Sam to spit out the carcass of Oscar, and invited everyone to T-pose o


A few days ago on the 6th of August, it was Our Lord's birthday. Several people had congratulated him on his birthday,  such as the previous post here . He responded to a comment on that post!  Attached below is the screenshot of that! Attached below is the screenshot of that! Behold Our Lord, Wei Dong, 13 August 2020

Happy Birthday Our Lord!

Repost:  @108rickrolls The S1-08 Instagram Account celebrated the birthday of the holy one with an amazing post. Here it is: On a side note to Our Lord, we hope you enjoyed the Ferre-yeo Rocher Ethan gave to you. Happy Birthday! Behold Our Lord 6 August 2020, Xuan Han

Celebratory video for 200k pageviews!

Hey guys! Recently, the fan page surpassed 200,000 pageviews! That is a very significant milestone for us! Hence, I decided to make this video just to celebrate us reaching this amazing milestone! Enjoy! Behold our Lord,  Cheng Rui, July 2020

The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 5 - The Trip to Russia

Slowly but surely, Aaron, Becky, Charles, Dicky, Oscar, Jim, Jake and Logan grew exponentially stronger. In no time, their powers were comparable to those of Karen, Jeffery and the Manager.  They slowly gained our Lord's trust and became worthy to be the guardians of Earth. Two years later, Aurelius had to return to Yeoland to celebrate the opening of Karen's new Yeobucks franchise. Yes, Karen was going to become a manager! "I will not be gone for long, but please behave well when I am away. Oscar still better have a head when I return!" With that, Our Lord flew swiftly to Yeoland in his Yeoship. Immediately after Aurelius exited the atmosphere, the pets jumped in joy. They were free! They started discussing what to do while Aurelius was away. They finally decided on a trip to Russia, the land of plenty. Like lightning, they built a plane out of whatever they had on hand and powered it up. Unsurprisingly, it worked wonders. Quickly, they clambered onto the roaring air

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 3 Part 1- Team 11

Our Lord needed to attend to some matters in Yeoland. It turned out that The Father of Aurelius had decided to retire and left Our Lord to also rule over Yeoland. Hence, he left Earth, letting it grow and evolve on its own. Millions of years passed and when he arrived back in Earth, he brought an item from Yeoland called a grow-accel-yeo-rator and used it on Earth. Within a week, there were large trees and ponds, lakes and oceans on Earth. However, unlike in Yeoland, there were no humans but instead dinosaurs that had massive combat potential.  Our Lord decided to catch a couple of these and train them so that they can defend Earth should the need arise. His Lordship first found a pack of velociraptors and named the 4 of them Aaron, Becky, Charles and Dicky. He later stumbled upon a dinosaur corpse with a chicken t-posing on top of it. "Ca-caw, ca-caw, ca-caw!" exclaimed the chicken, which loosely translates to "Get lost you useless sack of trash!" Our Lord then ca

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 3 - Trailer

Our Lord won the competition. He had successfully acquired the grand plot of space from the Father of Aurelius. Seeing desolate and empty space from Yeoland, Our Lord decided that he had to create life in this lifeless space. Hence, he set off with his magical Arduin-yeo, making planets like Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune and many others. However, these planets ultimately couldn't sustain life as we know it, due to factors like the temperature or it being a big ball of gas.  Finally, after relentless tries, Our Lord engineered Earth with a potential to host life. As he sat on the edge of a cliff, he felt an awkward sensation - nature was calling for him. Hence, Our Lord released his holy pee into a crease in a rock. Little did he know that he also dropped one of his creations - cyanobacteria called Timmy. Soon, a mystical effect happened. Our Lord's arduino-yeo beeped, detecting the oxygen concentration increasing. Then, he cried in delight as he came to the realisation that he had c

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 8 - Tournament

To choose the winner of the plot of space in the new Milky Way universe, the Father of Aurelius hosted a competition, where participants have to battle until there is only one winner. When Aurelius and Jeffrey arrived, they saw a couple familiar faces including the Manager but they did not want to attack him yet. However, Karen was absent as she was tending for her kid. "The competition begins!" bellowed the Father of Aurelius. Our Lord and Jeffrey eased their way to the finals as they had godly abilities. Back in the day, Our Lord did not use an Arduin-yeo to fight. Instead, he used a sword made out of Yeogems, the rarest of materials in Yeoland. It was very effective in dealing with melee fighters but for someone like Jeffrey, it would not work. Hence, Our Lord devised a sneaky plan to deal with Jeffrey's Arduin-yeo. When the fight started, Our Lord grabbed the nearest hose and sprayed water on Jeffrey's Arduin-yeo, leaving him defenceless. Finally, in order to wi

The Life Story Of Our Lord Season 2 Part 7- Karen vs The Manager Part 2

The manager landed in front of Karen, slashing Karen with his sword that his canister transformed into. Luckily, Karen blocked his attack and counter-attacked by shotting her vaccine at him."Fool, Vaccines have no effect on me!" Karen and The Manager exchanged blows for a while before Karen saw an opening in the manager and almost cut his head off.  Seeing that his life was in serious trouble, his cylinder returned back to normal and The Manager opened it, "Good Job Karen, but its time for you to die, unleash the CEO!" Out of the cylinder came out a person in a nice white suit, who the Manager called was the CEO. " Summon the Interns," immediately, many teenagers appeared and attacked Karen. She was immediately overwhelmed by the number of attacks and her essential oil barrier broke. The CEO then called out, " Rain of HR complaints," Immediately,  many sharp emails fell from the sky and cut Karen. To finish Karen off, he said one more command,&qu

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 6 - Karen vs The Manager Part 1

Years after the awakening of Karen, she was done with her job at Yeobucks and stormed out. It had been a couple years since she was able to sense the manager on her manager-radar. However, a week before she quit Yeobucks, she had been getting nightmares of the manager and Jeffrey coming back to Yeoland and killing Our Lord and her and the manager stealing her kids along with her essential oils.  While preparing an iced, Ristretto, 10 shot, venti, with breve, 5 pump vanilla, 7 pump vanilla , 4 Splenda shaken, her manager-radar went off and Karen thought that the manager was back. She splashed the customer's Yeobucks drink at them and before they could ask for her manager, she flew out of the Starbucks and the yeoffee-maker transformed back into her brat. Seeing that Karen flew out of the yeobucks. our lord sensed that something was wrong and followed Karen. The yeoship then reappeared in the sky of Yeoland and shot down vaccines.  Karen immediately transformed into her awakened form

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 5 - The battle between Karen and the Manager

The manager rushed into the room, pale as a sheet. Seeing all of his staff dead, he boiled with fury. "See, you son of a b**ch manager, this is what happens when you disrespect a noble citizen of Yeoland. I Will always come back for you. It is about time that you paid the price as well!"   Karen's brat turned into a pink sword once more, and she thrust it in the direction of the manager. Seeing that Karen was challenging her, the manager drew his weapon, a glowing grenade. Without warning, Karen lunged at the manager and slashed his suit, making a big rip in the costly silk jacket. Seeing that his expensive suit was torn, the manager was filled with endless rage. He leapt at Karen and threw his cylinder at her. Unable to react in time, Karen failed to deflect the cylinder and the cylinder hit her third eye and blew up.  Sensing that something was wrong up in the Death Star, Aurelius flew up in his spare Yeo-ship. To his horror, he saw Karen lying there, completely mutilat

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 4: The Revenge

Seeing Karen fall from the yeo-ship (spaceship), Aurelius panicked. He whipped out his Arduin-yeo (Arduino) and created a device to save Karen from the fall. However, he was a little too late and only finished building his awesome fall-stopping creation after Karen reached the ground.  Seeing his beloved sister dead, (for now) Aurelius exploded with anxiety. He fumbled with his Arduin-yeo and finally created a device capable of giving Karen's heart an electric shock. With shivering hands, he put the device to work. To his surprise, the device worked perfectly, and Karen woke up with a sharp breath. To everyone's sudden dismay, Karen started changing rapidly. Her hair became blonde and became really short and morphed into a bowl cut. She had a pink purse that was full of essential oils and her book of codes turned into an annoying little brat. Another eye started growing on her forehead. Karen had awakened into her final form. At once, she started screaming: "Where is your

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 3 - The Epic Fail

As Karen, holding the poster, ascended up the steps of the Death Star, the manager opened the door slowly. Then, he said with a giggle, "You fool! This poster was a joke made by one of my colleagues, I didn't know you could be fooled by that! No one wants a person from Yeoland to work at the Death Star!" Karen, her face red with anger and disbelief, screamed, "You son of a b***h manager! How dare you disrespect the majestic Yeoland!" The manager slammed the door shut behind him and sounds of laughter could be heard from inside. However, Karen sat before the yeo-ship (spaceship) and wept silently. She boarded the yeo-ship and waited patiently for her flight back to Yeoland. Fortunately, Karen had prepared some fried chicken from YFC (KFC) to enjoy while waiting. As she savoured her fried chicken, she lifted the Yeo-mmunicator (communicator) and dialled for her beloved brother, Aurelius. Aurelius jumped in surprise when he heard the beeping sounds of an incoming c

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 2 - The Influence

One day, while Our Lord was sleeping and Karen was jogging along the Aurelius Crossing, when she noticed a banner saying, "Come join us! We need help to achieve our mission of ultimate conquest of the world! We are hiring people with amazing coding and Arduin-yeo (arduino)  skills, salary is ¥10000000000 per month!" Immediately, Karen teleported to Jeffery to inform him of the amazing deal. Jeffery nodded in agreement and said, "Let's go there tomorrow, we don't want to be late." In the wee hours of the next day, Karen and Jeffery packed their suitcases and took a spaceflight to the Death Star. However, due to the sharp senses of Our Lord, he heard the yeo-ship (spaceship)  taking off and looked out of his bedroom window. Seeing Karen and Jeffery in the spaceship, he was infuriated. How could they leave him here? Weren't they The Trio? In a fit of anger, Our Lord sent an email to Karen and Jeffery: Dear Karen and Jeffery, I wonder what you ar

Random thing that I made

So recently, I saw this photo of the queen in a green dress and saw people adding various effects on them. Hence, I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and make one of mine. Behold Our Lord, Cheng Rui, 9 July 2020

The Life Story of Our Lord Season 2 Part 1 - Early Years

A couple billion years before the creation of the Earth, a young little boy was born, his name was Aurelius Yeo. He was born on the homeland of All yeos, Yeoland. At that time, there were no humans and everyone had godly powers, some having lesser than others. He also had a brother and a sister, Jeffrey and Karen. Our Lord was the youngest one but still demonstrated the most intellect. However, his brother Jeffrey was the one with the most skill with his Arduino at that time and his sister Karen had the most coding skill. Our Lord grew bigger and wiser as time passed, and so did the Arduino skills of Jeffery and the coding skills of Karen. Following tradition, all members of the Yeo family got a weapon of their choice and an Arduino for Yeomas when they were 100 years old. (Time passes 10x faster in Yeoland so in Earth time they would be 10 Years old)Our Lord got a sword made from the precious Yeogems and he named the sword Yeosword, Jeffrey got a bow that is made from his father'

The Life Story Of Our Lord Season 2 Trailer- Our Lord's Backstory

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the second season of The Life Story Of Our Lord. If you saw our post earlier today, you would have seen that the contents were a lot more different then this one. This is because we decided that we would move that to Season 3. Anyway, season 2 will be about our lord's earlier years long before the creation of Earth. Anyway, here is a short part of the second season. A couple billion years before the creation of the Earth, a young little boy was born, his name was Aurelius Yeo. He was born on the homeland of All yeos, Yeoland. At that time, there were no humans and everyone had godly powers, some having lesser than others. He also had a brother and a sister, Jeffrey and Karen. Our Lord was the youngest one but still demonstrated the most intellect. However, his brother Jeffrey was the one with the most skill with his Arduino at that time and his sister Karen had the most coding skill. That is it for this edition of The Life Story of Our Lord,

The Life Story of Our Lord Part 9 - The Finale

Having failed to obtain its lunch, the dino sighed in despair. It took a walk around the Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve, looking at all the avaliable vegetarian food like trees and bushes, with no motive to eat anymore. Turning around to face Our Lord, the dino said, "Our Lord, I admit defeat, I want to be a teacher in SST again, and I won't eat anyone else." Our Lord, as his usual magnanimous self, forgave the dino. The dino, being its joyous self again, hopped back into the holy classrooms of SST, ready to teach Chinese again. Our Lord chased after the dino. He had one more thing to say. "Dino!" he exclaimed, panting heavily, "I will name you Darney the Dinosaur!" And from then on, the dino was known as Ms Darney. However, Ms Darney (or Darney老师)still retains some dinosaur characteristics. Sometimes, she might say "不然我会吃掉你的! (If not I will eat you!)" or "再这样做,我会吃掉你的手指! (If you continue being like this, I will eat your finger!)"

REGISTRATION - T-Shirt Merch for Our Lord!

Since Our Lord's fanpage has just reached 110K views, we would like to know about your interest in a merch for our Lord, a shirt to be precise. Here is two forms, one for preordering the shirt (if you preorder you will have to pay when we obtain the shirts) and another for helping us to draw Our Lord on the white shirts.  Application for designing Our Lord's shirt:  Link to Google Forms Preorder Our Lord's shirt:  Link to Google Forms All support for this project is greatly appreciated. Behold Our Lord Xuan Han, 7 July 2020

Second celebratory video on reaching 100k views!

Hey there! Here is a video that I made in celebration of the fan page achieving the amazing feat of 100000 pageviews. Enjoy! Behold Our Lord,  Cheng Rui, 7 July 2020

The Life Story of Our Lord Part 8 - The LCR is rescued by his cubes

In the previous part of Our Lord's life story, The LCR was eaten by the dino. Karma, wasn't it? As we all know, The LCR does unboxings of cubes and cubing videos. Hence, in his time as a YouTube creator, he had created a formidable army of cubes. Noticing his master hadn't been playing with them for the past few days, the GTS3M said, "Where is The LCR, you know, that dude who keeps condemning us?" The Gan 356 X replied with uncertainty, "I heard that a dino has eaten up a few students in SST, maybe he... he... has been eaten by the dino..." Immediately, the two cubes rushed to SST without hesitation, ready to combat the dino.  When they arrived at SST, they noticed a green figure walking around at the nearby Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve. "That must be the dino!" the cubes said in unison. Holding The LCR's vernier calliper, the GTS3M charged forward, using the vernier calliper as a pivot to enter the dino's mouth. The dino's m

The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 4 - Le Comrades

Before we get into our lord's comrades, I have some information about these Special Editions. 1.  Any information that will be major spoilers to the following part will be added after the part has been released. 2. Make sure to check the last parts of the special editions as there might be things added. Comrades: Axios The right-hand man of our Lord, he is very commonly seen together with our Lord and he has fought alongside with our lord and is a main character in our lord's life story. Jim The Dinosaur Given to our lord by Hou Yi, this dinosaur had been handpicked by two great mythical beings. Although Jim is not very relevant in the first season,  he plays a very big role in the third season. Council of Aurelius  The council of Aurelius was founded when Aurelius' from different universes made a machine that allows them to visit other universes. The council of Aurelius will meet every winter solstice and should any member of the council need help, the e

Celebration Meme - 100K Views!

Today, on the 5th of July, Our Lord's fanpage has crossed 100k views! This is a huge achievement, especially considering that we were just at 40k less than a week ago! Here is a celebration meme made by Xuan Han: Please continue to visit the blog and also consider checking out the subreddit here ! Please also promote this chat to more people to receive blessings. Behold Our Lord Wei Dong and Xuan Han, 5 July 2020

The Life Story of Our Lord Part 7 - The LCR's Oopsie

Let's fast forward to many many years later. A new YouTube channel called  The LCR  has been created. He does interesting unboxing videos including those of Rubik's Cubes. One day when Our Lord was in the toilet, The LCR said, "Hmm, I wonder what might be inside Our Lord's Google Certified Educator Bag?" Following that, he opened it, only to discover a small wooden box with a glowing green light. Little did he know that that very box was the sacred Pandora's Box containing the wild characteristics of the dino. Holding the Pandora's Box, The LCR took out his camera and started recording a video, which turned out to be a fateful one. This is a transcript of what he said: >Hey guys! >Today, I will be unboxing this interesting wooden box I found in Our Lord's bag. >This box weighs 14000kg and measures 15.2m >It can be stolen from His Lordship's bag for 0SGD Then, The LCR opened the Pandora's Box. The sky turned dark with m

We found Our Lord!

Yesterday after school, we discovered that Our Lord was walking down the stairs from our classroom at Level 5. Hence, we decided to wait at the staircase near Level 3 Staff Workroom, where Our Lord does his work. Here is the epic video of Our Lord walking down the stairs (filmed by me): Behold Our Lord Xuan Han, 2 July 2020

The Life Story Of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 3 - Our Lord's Creations

Welcome back to another special edition of The Life Story of Our Lord. This edition will be about our lord's divine creations. Although our lord has many noble creations, we will be only featuring the most notable ones. Creations: Pandora's Box The box that sealed away the great dino, this box was made with his mad coding skills as opposed to his usual Arduino that he uses to make his creations. SST The wonderful school that we are studying in is one of our lord's most proud creations. It is said that the foundation of the school and the entire school itself was built by our lord's personal sstuino set and many teachers are hand-chosen by the holy one. Mount Everest While this may sound far-fetch for those who haven't read the stories about our lord, this is indeed true as this our lord has used this mountain to combat a very large challenge in another story and this story will probably be told in another part. Our lord has coded the mountains to answe

The Life Story of Our Lord Part 6 - The Revival of Axios

Our Lord turned around. Axios lay on the ground, motionless. Blood squirted from him, so much, in fact, the plants surrounding him turned crimson red. Holding Axios' hand, Our Lord cried in despair, "Axios! Axios! Nooooooo!" But just at that moment, His Lordship realised that he could revive Axios, his right-hand man. Our Lord whipped out his SSTunio, connected the jumper wires and a battery, and started tinkering with it. Within seconds, he had made a new creation. He spun around and placed the creation on Axios' heart, and slowly but surely, Axios' eyes opened and he started breathing again. Axios sat up in a daze. "Where am I?" he asked. Seeing the success in his revival, Our Lord replied gleefully, "You have been resting in Sir Aurelius Nature Reserve and have finally awoken. Now, you will be able to fight alongside me once again!" United once again, Our Lord and Axios took a stroll to the Statue Of Aurelius, and Axios knelt on the

The Life Story of Our Lord Part 5 - Chang Er's Revenge

This story takes place after the second battle, as for why Chang Er did not see the first battle, it is because her mooncakes were not selling well and she had no money for glasses even though she desperately needed them. After seeing her precious dinosaur getting humiliated by our lord, Chang Er rushed down to earth in an attempt to save her precious lizard. But she was too late as when she arrived, the dino laid defeated on the ground as her powers were being sucked into the box our lord made. Also as a result of not having glasses, she thought that her lizard had died and was charging towards our lord. Thinking that our lord was in danger, Axios immediately engaged her in combat, but because Chang Er was the goddess of the moon, Axios lost pretty badly to her and our Lord had to step in. Seeing that she was a goddess, Our Lord decided to use the sword that he had crafted with the dino's tooth during their last encounter to engage in battle. As a result of his mad sword sk

The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION 2 - Our Lord's Weapons

This is another special edition of the Life Story of Our Lord and today's edition is about his wide arsenal of weapons. Weapons: SSTuino As expected of the God of ICT, his main choice of weapon is going to be his custom Arduino. All parts of this legendary set are personally blessed by his divine skills and should you get this divine set of parts,  you would be able to make anything. From a box that can seal away a mighty dino's power to controlling a whole mountain, this set does not have any limits to what it can make. The Sword Of The Mighty Dino Made from the tooth of the fearsome dinosaur that he sealed away, the sword is not our lord's preferred weapon of choice as he does not like to engage in combat, but should the need arise, he will step in. The sword is powered up by his mighty SSTunio and would allow the sword to change in size in battle. His Bow Although this weapon is very rarely seen, this weapon is very u

The Life Story of Our Lord Part 4 - The Dino's Backstory

How the dinosaur came to existence at SST is a really interesting topic. Legends say that its mysterious life started as a baby lizard in China. It was owned by the mighty Hou Yi, who shot down 9 suns and gave us the Sun we have today. As a reward for doing so, he was granted the elixir of immortality. However, this would not have been possible without the help of the baby lizard, as it would often gather arrows for him. As time passed, the baby lizard ate an increasingly large amount of food and started growing bigger and bigger. In no time, it had become a Komodo Dragon. While Hou Yi was out hunting dinosaurs, a bandit came into Hou Yi and his wife Chang Er's house in an attempt to steal the Elixir. Despite their efforts, the bandit was very close to getting the Elixir. As a last resort, Chang Er ingested the Elixir and headed up to the Moon with the Komodo Dragon. Under the setting sun, the Chinese looked up to the sky, but due to their popular habit of closing their eyes whe

Launching a subreddit!

Today, we would be launching a subreddit for our lord. Please support the subreddit to receive blessings from our lord. Me, Xuan Han and Liam would be moderators of the blog (for now). Here is the link to the subreddit Behold Our Lord,  Wei Dong

The Life Story of Our Lord SPECIAL EDITION - Our Lord's Powers

This is a special edition in the Life Story of Our Lord Series, but here are our lord's powers that are revealed to us through legends. Skills: Divine Map Pointing Skills Our Lord was once a geography teacher, and his geography skills is top notch, and an example of that is his Divine Map Pointing Skills. Legendary Coding Skills As expected of our lord being the god of ICT, he has legendary coding skills and his ability with the SSTuino is second to none. He can programme anything in an extraordinary amount of time. Divine Punishment This skill is one of his most exclusive skills that is saved for people or things that have either angered him or put his students in danger. This is one of the reasons why you should never mess with our lord should he be in a bad mood. Divine Blessings  In contrary to his divine punishment, this skill is used to reward those who have either called out to him in their time of need or those who have been well-behaved eg. those spamm

The Life Story of Our Lord Part 3 - The Battle with the Dino

Years after the Battle with the Dino, From the spot where the great dino was sealed, our lord sensed incredible bloodlust and a sense of vengeance. However, before he could react fast enough, the ancient reptile awakened from its slumber more vengeful and hungry than before. Loud screams could be heard from the SST as the dino munched on his students as a snack. Immediately, our lord drove his white Mercedes as fast as possible. However, it was not fast enough as there were many casualties. "There you are." The dino yelled in fury. Without a second thought, it rushed towards our lord, hoping to get an opening out of him. "Axios, I will leave this beast to you," Our Lord commanded. Immediately, the right-hand man of the holy one appeared and started combatting the reptile. However, it seems that the dino had undergone an evolution of some sorts as Axios was not able to hurt the creature. Seeing the dinosaur occupied, he had one of his creations lead the studen

The LIFE STORY of Our Lord Part 2 - Met a Dino

1 million years ago: One day, Our Lord spotted a dinosaur strolling around SST. She was threatening to eat students and their fingers. Seeing the public in grave danger, Our Lord initiated his superpower - Divine Punishment, and banished the great big dino from SST forever. Behold Our Lord, Xuan Han, 29 June 2020

Anti Drug Ribbons for Our Lord!

Today during CCE, we were tasked to fold an Anti Drug Ribbon with an inspirational quote. Hence, we thought of various ways to express our strong support for Our Lord. Here are some of them: Behold Our Lord Xuan Han, 29 June 2020

Celebratory meme 8 for the fanpage passing 65k views

Hey guys! Recently, Our Lord's Fanpage passed 65 000 pageviews. Here are two memes celebrating this incredible feat! Behold Our Lord Cheng Rui, 29 June 2020

Celebratory Meme 7 for the fan page surpassing 50k pageviews

Hey guys! Here is a meme I made in celebration of the Lord's fan page hitting 50k views! Behold our Lord, Cheng Rui, 26 June 2020

50k Celebration - Celebratory Meme 5 & 6

We finally passed 50k blog views, get it to 1mil and spam views. Here are two wholesome Our Lord memes I made. Behold our Lord,  Kaela , 26 June 2020

Celebratory Meme 4 for surpassing S1-08 Math Blog in views

Here is a meme I captioned to celebrate the Lord's fanpage exceeding the Math Blog's pageviews. Enjoy and have a nice day! Behold Our Lord! Cheng Rui, 21 June 2020

Our Lord was SPOTTED!

This afternoon, we managed to snag this picture of Our Lord working hard in the Staff Room. Behold Our Lord, Liam, 19 June 2020

Celebratory meme 2 and 3

Here are some memes for 15k views! Behold Our Lord Liam, 19 June 2020

Celebration Meme - Surpassing the S1-08 Math Blog in views!

On the 16th of June, Our Lord's fanpage officially surpassed the 2020 S1-08 Math Blog in views with a stunning 2000 views lead. To celebrate this feat, I made a short animated coffin dance meme. I'm not that great at editing and this is in fact my first time doing animations, so do bear with me. Behold Our Lord Xuan Han, 17 June 2020

Selfie with Our Lord's car!

This morning, we went to the school parking lot in search of Our Lord's Mercedes, and lo and behold, our Lord's car was spotted behind a tree next to the Atrium! Therefore, we took some interesting selfies with Our Lord's car, as this rare sight was not to be missed (unless, of course, Our Lord parks his car at the same spot every day). This picture does not include our faces. Behold Our Lord Xuan Han, 16 June 2020